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YCOE Strategic Plan 2021-2025

Goal 1: Create a countywide transitional kindergarten to grade 16 initiative that will cohesively, effectively, and sustainably improve student outcomes in Yolo County in the areas of:

  • Grade level literacy;
  • College, career, and civic readiness; and
  • Social-emotional health and well-being.

Goal 2: Innovate and collaborate with school districts to close access and opportunity gaps to support the success of students:

  • Implement programs, strategies, and practices that will help achieve Racial Equity Educational Outcomes;
  • Increase access to Childcare and preschool experiences.
  • Ensure high-quality childcare and preschool programming for all. Increase inclusive learning environments for students with special needs.

Goal 3: Engage YCOE students in model education programs in order to ensure they are college and career ready.

Goal 4: Increase and sustain innovative and effective practices in administrative services (operations, business, and technology) while delivering high-quality and responsive services.

Goal 5: Recruit, retain, and develop a high-quality and diverse YCOE team.

About YCOE


To be a model of excellence in educational service, innovation and impact.


To provide inspiration, leadership, support, and advocacy that ensures equity and access to high-quality education for all students.

Core Values

We will:

  • Stay Student-Centered
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Value Employees and Partners

Cultural Norms:

  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Celebration
Service Delivery Model
Service Delivery Model
Role of the County Office of the Education

The County Office of Education does not directly oversee or govern local school districts but provides valuable support and services that are essential to school district operations, such as:

  • Ensuring school districts are fiscally accountable and solvent.
  • Approving school district Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAP).
  • Providing professional development opportunities.
  • Assisting districts with academic performance initiatives.
Equity Statement

The Yolo County Office of Education is committed to equity. For us, this means…

  • We create and maintain a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment within our organization
  • We pursue educational equity in serving the children, youth, and families of Yolo County. 

We value and celebrate everyone’s unique identity and appreciate the diverse perspectives, understandings, and talents that each staff member brings to our organization and that each student brings to school. We are committed to confronting our biases and assumptions and to dismantling the structures and practices within our system that create disparate opportunities and outcomes based on race, ethnicity, ability status, socioeconomic status, gender identity, and sexual identity.  These may include hiring practices; supervision and management of personnel; allocation of funding; norms for engaging with community organizations; curriculum selection and design; professional development; and interactions with children, youth, and families. 

We believe educational equity is achieved when the full range of learning opportunities is accessible and meaningful to every student, and when every student feels a sense of connectedness and belonging at school. Students flourish when educators develop strong relationships with students and learn about and build upon their strengths. We are committed to partnering with students, families, and the larger community to better understand who our students are; their values, goals, and aspirations; and the barriers they face.

We believe it is the responsibility of everyone in the organization to commit to ongoing learning and to continually reexamining and reconstructing our system and ourselves to ensure that every person in our system can engage, belong, and thrive.