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Garth Lewis

Garth Lewis  Superintendent of Schools  530.668.3702

Yvette SeibertYvette Seibert  Executive Assistant  530.668.3702

Anthony Volkar Anthony VolkarPublic Information Officer   530.668.3714 

Cindy Nguyen    Director of Strategic Priorities  530.668.3790

Superintendent's Office

The County Superintendent serves as Executive Secretary for the Board of Education. The Office of the Superintendent of Schools is the intermediate unit between the state and local districts. A record of all official acts of the proceedings of the County Board of Education must be kept. The Superintendent coordinates the use of the course of study and the use of state textbooks. During recent years new responsibilities were added by the legislature in the area of community schools, credential auditing, oversight for fiscal planning, program implementation and ensuring financial health of school districts.