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Roadmap to the Future

In July 2021, 21 local Yolo leaders issued a guest commentary with a call to action to invest in children and youth with American Rescue Plan funds. The op-ed was a catalyst for increased collaboration from all cities and jurisdictions.

Over 50+ Yolo County leaders gathered for three virtual convenings to discuss ways to invest in communities and build up our public infrastructure to support children, youth and families in our county.

Our Collective Approach: Effectively coordinate the services, supports, and opportunities that children, youth, and their families need to thrive, as well as the establishment of a shared framework that ensures their healthy development.

Roadmap to the Future for Yolo County Youth

The roadmap will provide asset mapping, a community engagement process, and feasibility analysis on existing community assets and conditions within Yolo County. This will allow us to better understand and allocate resources needed to enhance youth development countywide.

Phase 0: Yolo leaders developed a set of principles and shared priorities that would guide the future work of the project. Completed: August 2021-February 2022

Phase 1: Asset mapping will evaluate existing community assets to highlight strengths and identify areas of opportunity for future investments. Estimated timeline: March 2022-December 2022

Phase 2: After asset mapping, a countywide youth development framework will be created to outline key milestones in child and youth development in Yolo County. Estimated timeline: January 2023-June 2023

The Board of Supervisors will use the asset mapping data when determining how to allocate the remaining $3.1 million of American Rescue Plan funding reserved to support children, youth and families.

Roadmap to the Future Logo

The overall project is estimated to cost $450,000. Yolo County and YCOE have committed 60% of the funding, or $275,000. Local jurisdictions are asked to commit funding to cover the remaining costs of the project.

Next Steps

The Roadmap will include opportunities for government, education and community organizations to participate in community engagement sessions related to this work. Stay tuned for updates!

Theory of Change
Theory of Change
Theory of Change by the Forum for Youth Investment