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For questions about Employee of the Month, contact:

Margie Valenzuela
Executive Director

Employee of the Month

About the Process

Any YCOE employee may be nominated (or may nominate themself) as Employee of the Month.

Nomination and selection criteria include significant contributions to the YCOE organization, its staff, students, or the educational community.

Employees nominated under this program shall be reviewed for selection by a committee within YCOE, on a monthly basis.

The award recipient shall receive one
month's parking in the designated parking stall at the Santa Anita administrative building, a certificate of appreciation, and a gift card. Employees not selected in any particular month may be selected and receive this award in a subsequent month, within the fiscal year of nomination.

2022 Employees of the month
  • January 2022: Bridget Vaughan, Sr. Business Services Technician, External Business Services
  • February 2022: Bianca Solorio, Foster Youth & Homeless Services Outreach Specialist, Student Services
  • March 2022: Gerry Scholl, Substitute Teacher/Substitute Paraeducator
  • May 2022: Human Resource COVID-19 staff (Anabel Figueroa, Bebe Reveles, Iris Tapia-Ramirez, Patti Robles)
  • July 2022: Rosie Vargas, Administrative Secretary, Special Education
  • August 2022: Darin Tidball, Senior Maintenance Technician, and Austin Creamer, Maintenance Technician, Support Operations Services
  • September 2022: Claudia Grimaldi, Accountant, Internal Fiscal Services
Our Current Employee of the Month

September 2022: Claudia Grimaldi, Accountant, Internal Fiscal Services

Her nomination reads: "Claudia is a crucial part of the success of the Internal Fiscal Services Department and YCOE. She started shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic and faced an array of unusual obstacles.  Her previous work experience allowed her to navigate through the challenges and contribute to YCOE with her innovative ideas and drive.  She was the lead on the requisition routing implementation in 2021-22 which helped all departments.  The success of the IFS Department is due to her leadership.  Claudia is an exceptional leader, as the staff she manages shows profound respect, as do all YCOE programs."

2021 Employees of the Month
  • April 2021: Chris Stringer, Network Engineer, Information and Technology Services
  • May 2021: Head Start Family Support Services staff (Rose Castaneda, Ana Ceballos, Teresa Jauregui, Cierra Joseph, Andrew Martinez, Julisa Melgoza, and Amelia Rodriguez Abonce)
  • October 2021: Heather Williams, Sarah Jull, Jonathon Monin, Roni Morales, Caitlyn Tsutsui, Greengate School
  • November 2021: Andrea Barajas, Administrative Secretary, Teaching & Learning
  • December 2021: Katya Griffin and Ana Renteria, Greengate School