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Resilient Yolo is a collaborative of youth and families serving community-based organizations throughout Yolo County. Our mission is to create together a more resilient community in which all can thrive.

Origins of "Resilient Yolo"

In 2013, local agencies including Yolo County CASA, managers from Yolo County’s Child Welfare Services, mental health personnel from CommuniCare and officers from the Yolo County Office of Public Health were brought together by the Yolo County Office of Probation, Juvenile Division to form a collaborative. The point of this collaborative was to get a grant to define and enact positive ways of dealing with youthful offenders; the Positive Youth Justice Initiative funded by the Sierra Health Foundation.

Unfortunately, the county did not get the grant, but the passion and desire to bring trauma-informed practices to children and families who really needed them in Yolo County had already been set into motion. We called our collaborative “Resilient Yolo” and pressed on.

We went on to receive help from Jane Stevens, who is well known around the world for her work in trauma-informed practices and ACEs (adverse childhood experiences). She is also the founder of, a website where you can learn about the effects of ACEs and what you can do about them and, a social networking site dedicated to preventing ACEs, healing trauma and building resilience. We are lucky that she lives right here in Yolo County and so enthusiastically helped us with our efforts.

We went on to form a partnership with the Yolo County Office of Education and collaborate to host the annual Building A Resilient Yolo Summit, an annual convening organizations that serve youth and families in Yolo County.

One in eight children experience some sort of trauma that likely affects their behavior. Many adults have experienced ACEs. At Resilient Yolo, we try to teach schools, parents, health care providers and other agencies that compassionate responses are more effective than judgmental responses. Judgment immediately ends an opportunity for conversation and understanding whereas compassion is just the beginning of increased communication and awareness.

We have no manual at Resilient Yolo but we start all of our meetings, workshops and public information sessions by asking ourselves, “What are we doing to help children and their families who are most stressed?” If you would like to learn more about the practices of Resilient Yolo or bring a speaker to your organization, please visit and consider joining Our Resilient Yolo meetings are open to the public. We would love to have you.

A Pledge to Build a More Resilient Yolo Community

Realize the widespread impact trauma and toxic stress has on me, my friends, family, neighbors and community members;
Recognize the signs and symptoms of toxic stress;
Recognize that inequities that currently and historically exist in our community amplify the impact of toxic stress;
Will Respond by explicitly and actively seeking to create healthy and stable relationships with those around me;
Recognize that my active participation in resilience building activities creates connections and intersections throughout the community and across organizations– amplifying the positive impact we have;
Will at all times seek to actively resist re-traumatization and thereby build resilience in myself and those around me.