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Krista PurdomKrista Purdom

Program Specialist II



Student Resources

Tobacco Use Prevention Education (TUPE)

Yolo County office of Education (YCOE) supports all of our districts in providing tobacco-free schools. Presently Winters Unified School District, Woodland Joint Unified School District, and Washington Unified School District are receiving funding to support Tobacco Use Prevention Education. YCOE works closely with each district to provide educational resources for students, parents and staff. Presently all districts are using the Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit to educate students on the effects of vaping. 

Common Signs of Vaping

How can I tell if a child is vaping?

Do you notice artificial smells from behind closed doors like candy, popcorn, vanilla, or fruit flavoring?

  • Are there school supplies or tech products you don’t recognize in kids’ backpacks or rooms? How about small vials or eye dropper bottles?

  • Have you come across unfamiliar chargers, coils, or batteries?Juul and travel drive

  • Have there been changes in your kids’ behavior such as increased mood swings, irritability, anxiety, or impulsivity?

  • Are your kids suffering from more frequent headaches or nausea?


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