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students working on car

students working on car

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We are located in

Woodland California

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Who is Yolo County Career Academy?

Yolo County Career Academy is a public charter high school that empowers young people, ages 16-24 who need an alternative to comprehensive high school. Students at Yolo County Career Academy will learn skills from leaders in the skilled labor industry. Students will have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma along with highly desirable workforce skills, soft skills, and technical skills. After completion at Yolo County Career Academy, students will be well-rounded and prepared for their next stage in life. 

Why is there a need for this type of school?

Every 26 seconds, a student drops out of high school— and students in low-income neighborhoods are six times more likely to drop out. In 2011, about 140,000 California students did not graduate on time. YouthBuild Charter School of California helps re-engage those students so they can earn a high school diploma and experience post-secondary success.

Where is the Yolo County Career Academy located? 

We are located at 1280 Santa Anita Court, Suite 190, Woodland, CA 95776

What are the requirements to enroll at Yolo County Career Academy?

  • You must be between the ages of 16 and 24 and have not completed high school. You must have an interest in hands-on learning, skilled labor, manufacturing and product design and building and construction trades. 
  • The following documents are required for enrollment of students:
  • Completed and signed Student Enrollment Form
  • Previous School Transcripts (if available)
  • Special Education Documents (IEP)/504 Plan – and/or Opt-Out Letter
  • IEP verified with SEIS (Student Education Information System) (School Staff Verify)
  • Birth Certificate (if available)
  • Utility Bill (proof of address)
  • Signed Student Release Form

  Immunization Records, Blue Card (TDAP is a requirement). Student has 30 days to obtain TDAP shot and will be excited if not obtained. Parents can opt out, but it must be documented. (Required for applicants under age 18 only if available)

 **NOTE: additional forms may be required

How is Yolo County Career Academy different from other high schools or Adult Education programs?

Students will learn a variety of skill sets from academic and industry-based leaders. Students will complete their high school diploma through a skilled labor lens and be better prepared for their next step in life. Our core values include responsibility, confidence, integrity, perseverance, empathy and community. Students attend from 9:30 AM to 2:00 PM. 

Is Yolo County Career Academy an independent studies school?

No, Yolo County Career Academy is a classroom-based school environment that features hands-on, project-based learning. Our class sizes are smaller than at a traditional school, so students are able to receive more one on one attention from teachers. The classroom-based setting allows our students to recover credits faster than they would in an independent studies model, while also receiving a wealth of other services, including job training, college and career counseling, and leadership development. However, we do have a very limited number of independent studies slots available at each of our 20 school sites reserved for students who are pregnant or parenting young children, have a medical emergency or other health-related issue, or who have a full-time work schedule.

How long will it take for me to graduate from Yolo County Career Academy?  It depends how many credits you come in with, and it’s different for everyone. We require 160 credits to graduate from Yolo County Career Academy. Students who consistently attend class and complete all projects are able to complete on average 30 credits per trimester and 90 credits per school year. 

Do I have to pay to attend Yolo County Career Academy?

No. As a public charter school, we are funded by the state and our school is free to attend. There is absolutely no cost to earn your diploma here.