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Jessica Burrone Jessica BurroneSpecial Education Director      530.668.3789

Rosie Vargas  Administrative Secretary  530.668.3788

Lisa Young Lisa Young
Greengate Principal  530.668.3854

Rosalva WistermanRosalva Wisterman  Greengate Administrative Secretary 530.668.3851

Alejandra Hernandez Alejandra HernandezGreengate  Administrative Secretary  530.668.3871

Jessica BohatchJessica Bohatch  Itinerant  Principal  530.668.3768

California Department of Education, Special Education Division, Special Education Local Plan Area

Section D: Annual Budget Plan

Section E: Annual Service Plan


Special Education

The Yolo County Office of Education's (YCOE) Special Education Department provides special education services to students with disabilities, ages 0-22 throughout Yolo County. YCOE provides early intervention, diagnostic, educational, and counseling services to students with developmental delays, and/or students with vision, hearing, speech/language, orthopedic and emotional disabilities. YCOE collaborates with the five school districts within Yolo County to provide a full continuum of services to students with disabilities. Students participate in the California Common Core State Standards with appropriate accommodations and modifications. Specialized curricula are utilized to supplement as appropriate. 

YCOE operates programs for students at several sites including:

  • Greengate School (serving students with multiple disabilities and autism)
  • Plainfield Elementary - DHH Program (serving elementary and preschool students who are deaf/hard of hearing)
  • Plainfield Elementary - Autism Program (serving elementary students who have Autism)
  • Whitehead Elementary - Horizon Program (serving elementary students who have significant emotional needs)
  • Lee Middle School - Horizon Program (serving 7th and 8th-grade students who have significant emotional needs)
  • Woodland High School - Horizon Program (serving high school age students who have significant emotional needs)
  • Davis Senior High - Horizon Program (serving high school age students who have significant emotional needs)
  • DJUSD District Office - Adult Living Skills (serving young adults with developmental disabilities)

View the School Accountability Report Card (SARC) for our Special Education programs.

Referrals to YCOE programs occur after program options and resources have been attempted in their home school or district.

Students' individual needs will be met with appropriate programs and services. Related services are provided by YCOE as specified in the student’s IEP to students in YCOE and School District programs. The services may       include: 

  • Adapted Physical Education:  YCOE provides assessment/services/consultations to students within the five school districts within Yolo County and to YCOE students who require adaptations to their physical education program as specified in a student’s IEP.
  • Assistive Technology/Orthopedic Impairments:  YCOE provides assessment and consultation to students and school districts in the area of Assistive Technology in order for the student to access the curriculum.
  •  Behavior Analyst and Behavioral Specialist:  YCOE provides Behavioral assessments and support to students in YCOE operated program in order to address students with behavioral challenges and students with behavioral intervention and support plans.
  • Educationally Related Mental Health Services (ERMHS):  YCOE provides educationally related mental health counseling to students in programs operated by the Yolo County Office of Education who are found eligible through an assessment process. Services include individual, group counseling, and consultation support as identified in a student’s IEP. 
  • Nursing Services:  YCOE provides school nursing services through a YCOE School Nurse who oversees Individualized School Health Plans; provides training to school staff; coordinates medical care with parents/physicians and other health-related duties. YCOE employs and or contracts with Nursing Agencies in order to provide individualized nursing care (LVN) as specified in IEPs for students with significant health needs. 
  • Occupational Therapy:  YCOE provides occupational services in YCOE operated programs as a direct service and/or as a consultation to instructional staff in order to address student’s fine motor and/or sensory needs. 
  • Psychological Services:  YCOE provides psychological assessment and services as part of the Special Education Team in order to provide psycho-educational assessments, counseling, and other support to students and instructional staff. YCOE Psychologists provide services and support to students in YCOE operated programs and district programs.
  • Resource Specialist (RSP):  YCOE provides special education assessment and services to students in YCOE's Alternative Education programs, (Dan Jacobs located within Juvenile Hall, Cesar Chavez Community Schools, and Yolo County Career Academy).
  • Speech and Language Therapy:  YCOE provides speech and language assessment and services to students in YCOE operated programs as a direct service and/or as a consultation to instructional staff. YCOE Speech and Language services include services provided by Speech, Language and Hearing Therapist and Speech, Language Pathology Assistants (SLPA.)
  • Vision Services:  YCOE provides itinerant vision services to students in their districts of residence/school placements. Itinerant vision services include direct and/or consultation by a Teacher of the Visually Impaired (TVI); Orientation and Mobility Specialist; Braillists; and/or VI Para-educator support as specified on the student’s IEP.