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Jessica BohatchJessica Bohatch  Itinerant Principal  530.668.3768

Rosie Vargas            Administrative Secretary  530.668.3788

Multiple Disabilities

The YCOE Multiple Disabilities Program supports students who range in age from 3 years to 22 years of age. Services are provided within four classrooms on the campus of Greengate School, a self-contained YCOE Special Education site, and two classes on a comprehensive elementary and a K-8 campus in West Sacramento (WUSD). The classroom size and adult-child ratio support the intensive needs of students. Services by various support staff, including the speech-language pathologist, occupational and physical therapists, the behaviorist and the nurse are typically provided in the classroom.

The program provides for repeated opportunities for meaningful practice of daily living skills which are Kids on playgroundto meet students’ unique abilities and needs for motor, hearing, vision, and cognitive disabilities and other needs. Students demonstrate a wide range of abilities with individual and group opportunities for skill development. Some of these skills include toileting and hygiene practices, eating and snack preparation, dressing, vocational, math skills involving money and simple computation, and basic reading and writing skills. Assistive technology is utilized throughout the day. Some of these resources include but are not limited to: Assistive communication devices; iPads; interactive boards; adaptive equipment for sitting, standing, and moving; Adapted switches; and other adapted tools for daily living skills.

Communication skill development, including frequent communication opportunities, is a primary focus in all classrooms. Students may have limited verbal skills and/or use a variety of augmentative and alternative communication systems, including iPads, gestures, picture exchange symbols (PECS), or sign language.

Students participate in educational social opportunities with typically developing peers on our campus or nearby school sites. Community-based instruction occurs in local stores, community agencies, parks, and restaurants.