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Work-Based Learning and Career Pathway Resources

Career pathways programs provide secondary to post-secondary education and training that is organized as a series of manageable steps leading successively to higher education, credentials and employment opportunities in growing occupations. Each step is designed to prepare students for the next level of education and employment and, where possible, provide a certification with labor market value. Career pathways are offered as a sequence of courses within an industry sector, such as Public Services, and a pathway within that industry, such as Public Safety. 

An integral component of career pathways is the opportunity for students to experience various levels of work-based learning. This can consist of hearing from career industry speakers, going on work-site tours, working with industry mentors, volunteering, job shadowing, and paid and unpaid internships.
The resources provided within this website were chosen to assist career pathway classroom teachers and pathway coordinators in implementation of the various programs and components that support the effectiveness of the career pathway model of career education.
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The resources presented in this website were either readily available on the internet, or approval for use was received by the author or organization for the use of their resources. 

Career Pathway resources by Category


Section 10: Interviews

Section 11: Job Shadowing

Section 12: Legal Considerations

Section 13: Mentor Programs

Section 14: Partnership Development

Section 15: Teacher Externships

Section 16: Videos

Section 17: Senior Project

Section 18: Work-Based Learning Lesson Plans