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Work Ready Certificate

The Yolo Work Readiness Certification program is designed to validate that students have the entry-level skills, as identified by the local business and industry community, which are needed to be successful in the workplace and to be contributing citizens of our community, both locally and globally. Student skills are tested and evaluated, and certificates are awarded only to those students who are determined to be work-ready. Holding a Work Readiness Certification will give the student a distinct advantage when applying for a job in Yolo County.

The Yolo Work Readiness Certification process includes the following:

  • On track for graduation from high school (transcript or counselor verification)

  • Attendance of at least 80% during the last grading period before application

  • Passing score on the Career Technical Education Consortium of States (CTECS) post-assessment

    • A consortium of states and partners
    • Nationally recognized for its expertise in developing standards and assessment systems based on a valid occupational analysis process.
    • The consortium model allows CTECS to connect the best resources and practices from participating partners and members by identifying dynamic relationships and benefits for all.

Access Work Readiness Certification Checklist Form Here


For more information on Work Readiness Certification, please contact Keenya Powell at (530) 668-3736.