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Deb BrunsDeborah Bruns  Director 

Hailey Garske
Administrative Secretary

Teaching and Learning

YCOE’s Teaching and Learning Department strives to develop and sustain model educational programs, structures, and practices that engage all students deeply in learning, break down systemic barriers, challenge status-quo assumptions about student success, and provide pathways for students to achieve their goals.

Guiding principles: Scroll down below the Twitter feed to read more about the values, beliefs, and practices that guide our work. 

Guiding Principles
  • We value each student’s uniqueness and seek to build upon their cultural and linguistic resources.
  • We believe learning takes place when students engage in meaningful, rigorous, collaborative activities that draw on their strengths and invite them into the work of a discipline.
  • We believe that student learning must be assessed in meaningful ways that capture the range of knowledge and skills that students possess.
  • We form partnerships across departments and divisions and with districts, community organizations, students, and families in order to build capacity and leverage the wealth of knowledge and resources in our community in the interest of student learning.