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California State Standards

The California State Standards were designed and developed to support the highest student academic achievement. To learn more about the standards visit the CDE website.   


California State Standards Updates

California Adopts First-Ever Computer Science Standards!

“As a forward-leaning state and home to Silicon Valley, California’s new standards will not only enable students to understand how their digital world works but will encourage critical thinking and discussion about the broader ethical and social implications and questions related to the growing capabilities of technology,” said State Board of Education (SBE) Member Trish Williams, who serves as the Board’s computer science liaison.
Developed by educators, the standards are designed to help students move from passive users of technology to creators and innovators who interact with computers. Beyond simply learning to code, the standards push students to communicate as scientists and find creative solutions to difficult problems.
Visit the California Department of Education (CDE) website to read the full press release.
The Computer Science Standards with edits are posted on the CDE website: