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Leadership Team

The YCOE Leadership Teams works under the supervision of the Superintendent to advance the mission, vision and goals of the county office of education. Each Leadership Team is committed to high-quality programs and services for all students, staff, schools and families in our programs.

Superintendent's Advisory Team

Garth LewisThe members of the Superintendent's Advisory Team (SAT) include:

  • Garth Lewis, County Superintendent (pictured right)
  • Crissy Huey, Associate Superintendent of Administrative Services
  • Maria Arvizu-Espinoza, Associate Superintendent of Educational Services
  • Patrick McGrew, Assistant Superintendent, SELPA
  • Margie Valenzuela, Executive Director, Human Resources
  • Anthony Volkar, Public Information Officer
Cabinet Leadership

The members of Cabinet include:

  • The members of the Superintendent's Advisory Team listed above
  • Al Rogers, Interim Assistant Superintendent, Equity and Support Services
  • Marty Remmers, Director of Special Education
  • Shannon McClarin, Director of Early Childhood Education
  • Gail Nadal, Director, Special Projects
  • Veronica Moreno, Director, External Business Services
  • Matthew Juchniewicz, Director, Support Operations Services
  • Debra Hinely, Director, Internal Fiscal Services
  • Carl Fahle, Director, Information and Technology Services
  • Deborah Bruns, Director, Teaching and Learning
  • Olga Nevarez, Interim Director, Prevention and Wellness
Extended Cabinet

The members of Extended Cabinet include:

  • The members of the Superintendent's Advisory Team and Cabinet listed above
  • Vacant, Head Start Program Administrator
  • Gustavo Melgoza, Health Services Manager, Head Start
  • Amee Dowkes, Education Services Manager, Head Start
  • Nicole Castrejon, Family Support Services Manager, Head Start
  • Jacqueline Tam, Head Start Site Coordinator
  • Connie Luna, Early Head Start/Head Start Site Coordinator
  • Silvia MezaLara, Head Start Site Coordinator
  • Sandra Hernandez, Head Start Site Coordinator
  • Gayelynn Gerhart, Principal, Cesar Chavez Community School
  • Jessica Bohatch, Itinerant Principal, Special Education
  • Lisa Young, Greengate Principal, Special Education