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Educational Services Directory

vacant Associate Superintendent 530-668-3770
Anissa Del Castillo Administrative Assistant 530-668-3772
Alternative Education Staff Director    
Gayelynn Gerhart Principal 530-668-3090
Selyna Leach Administrative Secretary 530-668-3090
Curriculum and Instruction Staff Directory    
Deborah Bruns Curriculum and Instruction Director  530-668-3781
 Andrea Barajas Administrative Secretary 530-668-3710
Eric Banuelos Adult Education Workforce Specialist 530-668-3717
vacant Teacher Credentialing Support  
Keenya Powell College and Career Readiness Specialist 530-668-3736
Karen Swan

College and Career Readiness Specialist

Early Childhood Education Staff Directory    
Gail Nadal Early Childhood Education Director 530-668-3773
Ganet Telahun Program Administrator 530-668-3012
Maria Cardenas Administrative Secretary 530-668-3756
Equity and Access    
Micah Studer, Ed.D. Equity and Support Executive Director 530-668-3711
Liliana Garcia Administrative Secretary 530-668-3755
Special Education Staff Directory    
Jessica Burrone Special Education Director 530-668-3789
Carmen Jojo Administrative Secretary 530-668-3788
Jonelle Castiglia Greengate Principal 530-668-3800
Rosalva Wisterman Greengate Administrative Secretary 530-668-3851
Student Services     
Mezmariah Ernst-Collins Homeless and Foster Youth Specialist 530-668-3791
vacant Tobacco Use Prevention Specialist