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County Committee on School District Organization

The County Committee on School District Organization is a committee created in each county by the California State Legislature and is elected by the representatives from local boards of education.

The County Committee studies and makes recommendations in the areas of (a) the organization and reorganization of school districts; (b) changes in school district boundaries; and (c) the number of trustees and the manner by which they are elected. 

It is empowered to:

  • Create, abolish, or rearrange trustee areas
  • Increase or decrease the number of governing board members
  • Determine alternative methods of electing governing board members
  • Establish or abolish common governing boards
  • Rearrange trustee areas based on the federal decennial census

The County Committee is subject to the legal requirements of the California Education Code and State Board of Education policies and regulations but has latitude to address each local situation in its own context. 

For information regarding the Yolo County Committee on School District Organization, please contact:

 Yvette Seibert                                              Executive Assistant, 530.668.3702

Board Meeting Packet Website - Agendas with background information and attachments