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Superintendent's Office

County Superintendent - Jesse Ortiz, Ed.D.

Ortiz Edited.jpgThe Mission of the Yolo County Office of Education is to meet the current and future needs of Yolo County by serving as a regional resource to students, parents school districts, agencies and businesses through collaborative leadership, support and services.

The County Superintendent serves as Executive Secretary for the Board of Education. The Office of the Superintendent of Schools is the intermediate unit between the state and local districts. A record of all official acts of the proceedings of the County Board of Education must be kept. The Superintendent coordinates the use of the course of study and the use of state textbooks. During recent years new responsibilities were added by the legislature in the area of community schools, credential auditing, oversight for fiscal planning, program implementation and ensuring
financial health of school districts.

Dr. Jesse Ortiz's Biography

Committees, Awards and Recognition

The Office of the County Superintendent of Schools

  1. Assures legal compliance to the Education Code and various other governmental regulations
  2. Develops a strong educational leadership role in public education in Yolo County through identification and analysis of changing conditions and advocates development of educationally sound programs for responding to those changes
  3. Provides procedural consistency and judicial regularity for students, districts and staff
  4. Facilitates the development of consortia and other cooperative relationships with the public and private non-profit agencies, universities, businesses, and community-based and professional organizations
  5. Coordinates and operates specialized services meeting unique needs where county offices are best able to address them effectively or efficiently
  6. Increases educational options and services for high-risk students 

Superintendent's Goals for 2014-15

1)      Student services and program administration
          --- Providing quality outcomes for those we serve
2)      Relationships
          --- Enhancing resources through partnerships
          --- Create, implement and monitor strategies, action plans and workgroups that will address
              the organizational climate and systemic capacity
3)      Planning and evaluation
          --- Bringing clarity and agility to our work
4)      Organizational infrastructure
          --- Preparing for opportunities and challenges
5)      Training
          --- Improving self and the organization
6)      Policies and procedures
          --- Providing guidelines and parameters
7)      Facilities
          --- Creating conducive environments that are positive and productive

YCOE has initiated three focus areas in addressing how we do business and where we will go as an organization. The three themes are Leadership, Accountability, and Capacity-Building. To transform a visionary plan into action requires leadership. Leaders need to be accountable for the institutional vision and action taken. And the element that defines the degree that the first two focus areas are met is the outcome of capacity-building of the organization in its service and its intellectual capital. The organization will continue to develop these three focus areas in its planning, work, and evaluation in the 2014-15 year.

The following descriptors were developed by the YCOE Leadership Team:

  1. Leadership creates a culture of change characterized by high levels of:
    • interactivity
    • communication
    • resource sharing; and
    • involvement.
  2. An effective leader knows when to lead, when to mentor, and when to follow.
  3. A pragmatic visionary who is proactively searching for new opportunities.
  4. A successful leader communicates vision with passion and good-will.
  5. An efficient leader is decisive, knows when to take risks and when to reevaluate and change direction.
  6. Leadership, accountability, and capacity-building are interdependent.
  1. Cross-divisional activities and sharing of knowledge facilitates accountability.
  2. High standards build accountability resulting in credibility, clear focus, and effective delivery.
  3. Use tools such as needs assessment, feedback, and evaluation to plan, implement, and adjust to meet the goals of the organization.
  1. Set clear expectations and provide the tools necessary to meet the needs of our staff and clients.
  2. Involvement across divisions builds a common language and a sense of community.
  3. Support and empower employees at all levels.
  4. Momentum attracts partners and increases community involvement.
  5. Enhancing the social, emotional, and intellectual climate and physical surroundings increases creative productivity.
  6. Effectiveness, efficiency, and credibility improve our capacity.

Organization Charts (all files in PDF)


SP = Superintendent Policy    BP = Board Policy     OP = Operating Procedure
AR = Administrative Regulation    E = Exhibit


Administering Medication and Monitoring Health Conditions BP 5141.21
Administering Medication and Monitoring Health Conditions AR 5141.21
Alternative Credits Toward Graduation BP/SP 6146.11
Awards BP 1150.00
Bullying BP 5131.2
Community Relations SP 1330.1
Copyrighted Materials and Software BP/SP 0416.00
Drug- and Alcohol-Free Environment - Employees BP/SP 0442.00
       Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace - Administrative Bulletin E 0442.00
Employee Use of Technology SP 4040.00
Employee Use of Technology AR 4040.00
Family Care and Medical Leave - Employees SP 4161.8
Family Care and Medical Leave - Employees OP 4161.8
Internet Safety BP/SP 6163.5
Local Control Accountability Plan BP/SP 0460
Local Control Accountability Plan AR 0460 
Maintaining a Drug- and Alcohol-Free Workplace - Employees OP 0442.00
Procedure for Acceptance of Gifts/Donations SP 3291.00
       Donation Form E 3291.00
Prohibited Harassment Policy - Employees SP 0411.00
Prohibited Harassment Policy - Students BP/SP 5145.30
Public Use of Conference Center and School Facilities SP 1330.00
Student Use of Technology BP/SP 6163.4
Student Internet Use Agreement and Release from Liability E 6163.4
Tobacco-Free Environment - Employees BP/SP 0441.00
Tobacco-Free Environment - Employees OP 0441.00
Tobacco Free Schools BP/SP 3513.3
Tobacco - Students BP/SP 5131.62
Tobacco - Students AR 5131.62
Travel/Conference - Employees SP 4133.00
       Travel/Conference Forms E 4133.00
Uniform Complaint Procedures BP/SP 1312.3 
Uniform Complaint Procedures AR 1312.3  
       Uniform Complaint Form E 1312.3
Use of Copyrighted Materials OP 0416.00
Using Classroom Volunteers OP 1240.00
Volunteers SP 1240.00
       Guidelines for Volunteers E 1240.01
Weapons and Dangerous Instruments - Employees SP 4020.00