First Steps Infant Program

The First Steps Infant Program provides early intervention services and family support for children from birth to the age of three years in Yolo County. Eligible infants and toddlers may have vision, hearing or orthopedic impairment, or have delays in motor skills, speech or language abilities, social and emotional development or cognitive skills.

A highly qualified team of early intervention professionals works closely together to support children’s needs and families’ concerns and priorities. Most services are delivered once per week by one primary team member who consults frequently with the team. All services are “family centered”. This means that the parent has a primary role in deciding the type of support that is needed. The team members coach the parents on techniques and strategies, utilizing the daily routines and relationships of the family. This service model allows for many opportunities for practice throughout each day, rather than practice only during an hour of clinical or therapy time. To the extent possible, services are provided in the “natural environment” for children and parents.

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Jonelle Castiglia

Rosalva Wisterman
Administrative Secretary