Expulsion Plans/AB 922 Compliance

Expulsion Plan Years

In compliance of AB 922, the Yolo County Superintendent of Schools, along with the district superintendents within Yolo County, has developed a three-year plan for providing education services to all expelled pupils residing in Yolo County. This plan was adopted by the County Board of Education and was submitted to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. This plan addresses the progress being made in providing educational placement options and services to high-risk expelled youth and proposes the following approaches to meet their needs:
  • Strategies to fill the identified gaps in educational services to expelled students
  • The current educational alternative schools available to expelled youth within Yolo County
  • Alternative placements for expelled students who are not fulfilling their rehabilitation plans at their district community day school and who are posing a danger to other district students
  • A description of the coordination efforts countywide among all the school districts in Yolo County as well as the County Office of Education for educational placements for expelled youth
Included below are the districts' plans as well as YCOE's plan.

2015-2018 County-Wide Expulsion Plans

2012-2015 County-Wide Expulsion Plans

2009-2012 County-Wide Expulsion Plans

2006-2009 County-Wide Expulsion Plans