Cesar Chavez Community Schools

The Cesar Chavez Community Schools, are accredited, public high schools located in Woodland and West Sacramento. The school provides a small learning environment, counseling and other social services as well as opportunities to make connections between what is learned in school and the world of work. Expelled students are welcome. All students attending the Cesar Chavez Community School are on formal or informal probation and a Detention Office from Yolo County Probation is on site in Woodland. With staff approval, students may be placed on independent study to complete their academic requirements. Independent study at Cesar Chavez is a five day per week program including an hour study session with staff at Cesar Chavez. Students are encouraged to complete their academics and receive a high school diploma with skills to help them succeed in the future.


Cesar Chavez Community school is a community driven center that provides the highest quality education, promoting success for all students in a setting where students, parents and staff share responsibility for learning, mutual respect and safety. 


Provide an educational environment that fosters success and empowers students by providing them the tools to conquer personal challenges, realize their potential, build self-confidence, set and attain goals and become productive members of the community.

School-wide Learner Outcomes

Students will demonstrate effective skills using reading, writing and verbal forms to express and receive information 
Examples- Students will: 
  • Score at or above grade level or consistently improve on the STAR Reading assessment
  • Successfully complete four years of English

Students will demonstrate the ability to use mathematical operations and concepts
Examples- Students will: 
  • Complete the Algebra I requirement and at least one additional math course
  • Score at or above grade level or consistently improve on the on the STAR Math assessment

College/Career Planning:
Students will demonstrate goal setting and planning for post-secondary opportunities
Examples- Students will:
  • Demonstrate active exploration of post-secondary opportunities through:
    • attendance at vocational and college presentations
    • completion of college and/or employment applications
    • completion of financial aid applications
    • participate in CTE courses
  • Demonstrate aligned technical soft skills necessary to be successful in 21st Century workforce through a variety of career ready opportunities
  • Demonstrate engagement in work based learning activities including career speakers industry tours, and internships

Responsibility and Accountability:
Students will demonstrate life skills that reflect personal responsibility and accountability
Examples-Students will:
  • Demonstrate a pattern of regular, punctual attendance
  • Model integrity and ethical leadership
  • Act as a responsible citizen in the workplace and community
  • Practice personal health and understand financial literacy
  • Complete and regularly update an Individualized Learning Plan with CCCS staff


Gayelynn Gerhart

Bertha "Ellie" Enriquez
Administrative Secretary